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Yantai Road, precision intelligent manufacturing Industrial Park (phase 1) project to start the ceremony
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June 5, 2015, the national intelligence manufacturing equipment development and special and road through precision intelligent manufacturing Industrial Park groundbreaking ceremony held in the Star Star Industrial park. National Machinery Research Institute Vice President Li Yaping, development zone, deputy secretary of the work committee Wu Weigang and my company Chen always attend to project construction activities.
Lu Tong intelligent precision manufacturing industrial park mainly includes three aspects: to automobile engine aluminum alloy cylinder head cylinder low pressure casting process as the main line, using process monitoring and data acquisition, knowledge management, product quality on-line detection analysis, digital production management and execution, logistics code recognition technology to construct integration low-voltage casting intelligent digital integrated platform; to energy-efficient hot forming processing integrated intelligent unit as the core, the robot, AGV and other intelligent devices, independent research and development design of low-voltage casting flexible production line; application of networking technology implementation platform and production line system integration, adult in the production of aluminum alloy cylinder block and head 45 million digital workshop.
Through the implementation of the project, Yantai will build the first with independent intellectual property rights of the low-pressure casting digital workshop, significantly enhance the ability to the level of processing technology and product production, from raw materials to products of the whole process of intelligent production, achieved domestic industry leading level. According to reports, the project can also promote domestic engine research and innovation, for the domestic OEMs to provide cylinder block and head product process optimization of synchronous design, enhance the competitive ability of our domestic engine.
"National intelligent manufacturing equipment development projects" aimed at speeding up the intelligent manufacturing equipment innovation and development and industrialization, promoting the manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading and sustainable development, by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, industry and information ministry from 2011 began to organization and implementation, selected once a year.



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